Magento is the best platform on the market for large online stores. It is a more complex platform compared to WordPress and capable of handling much higher traffic, product and sales loads.

What is great about Magento is the dedication commitment from the Magento Team to produce a fantastic platform. Unlike WordPress, which was predominantly created by third parties, Magento is an inhouse platform, created and supported by an inhouse team. This means the platform is by its nature, extremely secure.

One of the reasons we really like working with Magento is the mature and highly accurate eCommerce CMS suite that it offers to our partners. To many, Magento is considered the best eCommerce platform on the market today.


  • Very fast platform
  • Easy to use
  • Search engine friendly
  • Can create beautiful stores
  • Very popular platform
  • Mobile friendly configuration
  • Powerful extensions
  • Run multiple store fronts
  • Active user forums