Founded in Tokyo, KiraKira Studio is an innovative cosmetics brand. Led by the visionary fashionista, Renate Bergman, KiraKira has produced a range of extremely effective, 100% natural and cruelty free cosmetics products.

Their signature product, “AHA” has been carefully produced in a laboratory in Osaka, created for western skin tones.

In 2017, KiraKira Studio entered the UK market for the first time.


IKiraKira Studio contacted us here at Synergy in early 2017. Having spent a number of years carefully developing a range of natural beauty products, KiraKira were ready to enter the UK market; however, they needed guidance and leadership.

After numerous meeting, Synergy got to work producing a broad strategy covering all aspects of Marketing, Public Relations, Logistics, Support, Distribution, Content and Branding.

The project would become much more than just a digital marketing campaign. Synergy were required to create the full eCommerce website, suite of tools and management for UK operations, which included arranging and overseeing full distribution and customer support for the brand.


The first phase of the project was to extend the branding for KiraKira and create a new website. Although we used WordPress / WooCommerce as the base CMS for the new website, which is fully transactional, the site has been heavily customised with some basic animation, plugins and extensions.

Phase 2 included the creating of the SEO, Social Media, Content, PR, Video and broad Digital strategies. Synergy also created the customer support, logistics and distribution strategies across the UK.

Creating all branding for packaging, online advertising, events stands and animations was also created for brand launch in the UK.