Apple Airpods are seriously cool

Apple Airpods are increasingly-popular and convenient devices that allow you to control music, video and phone calls wirelessly. They have been complimented for their sound quality, how well they integrate with devices and their battery life. The Airpods were announced at the same time the company revealed it was to remove the headphone jack from its phones, saying that the future was wireless.

Siri integration

Music is mainly controlled through Siri, and the devices have been compared to the button-less iPod shuffles, which were controlled by the in-line remote on the headphones designed for them. The Airpods bear a strong visual resemblance to the company’s wired EarPods and are comfortable enough to be worn for extensive periods of time.

Best Apple audio yet?

Although Apple have been criticised for producing tinny earphones in the past, the audio quality of the Airpods is remarkably bassy and dynamic. Users need to use the Bluetooth pairing button to switch the devices on, and can expect to enjoy the full give hours of battery life promised by Apple. Meanwhile, charging times are pleasingly low, with the devices being repowered via the charging case, which in turn has enough juice to recharge the AirPods over four times. The built-in microphones offer exceptional reliability and offer remarkable clarity.

A purchase worth making

If there are any criticisms, it’s that the Apple AirPods are highly-dependant on Siri for music control and that they could hardly be described as lightweight. Nonetheless, the great sound, swift charging speeds and battery life make them a highly worthwhile purchase for those with jackless iPhones.

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