The Very Best of Home Grown UK Street Artists

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The Very Best of Home Grown UK Street Artists

Artist: Inkie

At last, the UK street art movement is gathering pace, and with it come some very talented artists, keen to display their unique and innovative talents to the world. Here, we bring you the pick of this year’s exciting talents, in all their vibrant glory.

Bristol’s Tom Bingle, aka Inkie, is a London-based graffiti artist with a special place in the heart of UK street art fans. Involved in the evolution of London and UK street art since the 1980’s, he has painted images alongside some of the most renowned street artists and collaborated with Banksy and 3D to form a trio of artists who have over the decades, laid an artistic path to follow in Bristol, which is world renowned as the UK’s graffiti capital. He came 2nd in the 1989 Word Street Art Championships and has curated street art projects across the world.

Google Home

Which apps does Google Home support?

Google Home aims to be your go-to digital assistant, enabling voice commands, phone actions, searches and more. But not much can be accomplished without the help of third party developers and manufacturers. As it goes with new technologies, support to other apps and products will be trickling in.

Are you wondering which apps will be supported at launch? Google has released an official list and it turns out you will be able to do quite a bit from the get-go.


  • Google Play Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • TuneIn

TV and Audio

(Chromecast or Google Cast TV required)

  • YouTube


  • Google Calendar
  • Google Keep

Of course, more app support will be coming in due time, but this is a good start considering the product is brand new. Those who want to learn more about Google Home can always check out our hands-on coverage and announcement post, which we will link to right below.

  • Google Home hands on – the future of the home?
  • Google Home is official: enhanced search, smarthome integration.

Who is signing up for Google Home? Are there any specific apps you would like to see in this list?

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